Apr 252024

The West Sydney Pirate are saddened to hear of the passing Phil Webb. Phil has been involved with gridiron in Australia since the 90’s and has had an impact on the sport and the people involved over that time.

Ian Taylor said: “It is with sadness that I heard of the recent passing of Phillip Webb.

Phillip was a great servant of the game, both in his capacity as an Official and a long-time member of the League Board, amongst his other roles.

Phillip and I didn’t always agree on things, especially when he was officiating games where I was coaching. But even when we disagreed, Phillip was always calm and a voice of reason. And later, when I’d reflect on the disagreements we may have had, 9 times out of 10 I’d have to admit to myself that Philip was correct in his decision and I was just being the “cranky coach”.

Phillip was always a gentleman and I’d like to think that we had our share of laughs along the way too.

The sport in this State is poorer for Phillip’s passing.”

David Ward said: “I have strong memories of Phil Webb from my start in the sport as a junior. His knowledge of the sport and approachability come to mind. Who will ever forgot the unique “no no no” call made by Phil after an incompletion. He will be missed by more than his friends and family. Thank you, Phil.”

R.I.P. Phil Webb

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