Andrew Doyle


As the nature of the game changed, so did the contribution that Andrew made to the Pirates. His game grew as a pass receiver and he also spent time as the team’s punter and quarterback. but wherever he played, he was a constant thorn in the side of the opposing defences.

A young Andrew Doyle joined the Pirates in 1990, an era when Gridiron in NSW was dominated by the running game, but even in a run-happy league, Andrew quickly established himself a formidable receiving threat from the Tight End position.

Andrew was a big and reliable target whose best asset was his soft hands. He had the uncanny ability of making the tough catches look easy…the difficult grabs commonplace. His best receiving day came in a game at Craik Park against the Sydney Uni Barbarians in September of 1998 when he set an unbroken club record of 4 receiving touchdowns in the one game.

In 1994 he took over as the team’s punter and during a seven year stretch, punted for over 9,000 yards at an average of just under 40 yards per punt.

In 1995 he was the Pirates’ #1 quarterback and helped to steer the club to a Championship game against the Bondi Raiders. But he returned to his favourite role of Tight End in the following year and continued to set the benchmark as far as Pirate pass receivers were concerned.

He was an important part of the NSW representative teams over the years but Andrew will mainly be remembered as one of the best players in the Pirate Football history.

Andrew Doyle Year-by-Year Receiving Statistics

1995No Receptions - Played Quarterback
19961823312.9425 (TD)
19982652120.0450 (TD)
200012988.1717 (TD)
Total166251015.1250 (TD)